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You need to add this secret Branson Restaurant to your plans!

Branson Missouri has no shortage of restaurants. Lining the entirety of the Branson strip, Historic Downtown, & the Landing you can find a restaurant to suit any type of cuisine your stomach desires. Mixed in with these hundreds of restaurants are some locally owned options that will are guaranteed to blow your socks off and some of them are still just local secrets.

Summit Restaurant is situated in Historic Downtown Branson on Commercial st. Owned by two College of the Ozark graduates, this restaurant cooks everything to order, hand-breads their fried items, uses fresh fruits & veggies, and buys local steaks. This is not your typical restaurant experience.

You can easily locate the building downtown, but the entrance is on the North side of the building (under the 'Summit' logo). Park across the alley-way and follow the retaining wall to the main glass doors. With huge windows looking out towards the Branson Landing it's almost suprising to stumble upon this 'hidden gem' in busy downtown, yet located off to downtown's outer edge that it is easy to park and walk in. Although the restaurant has been open since last summer, it is still just a local favorite. The Hand-Breaded Gigantic Onion Rings (Pictured above) are something you'll have to order. If you're not an onion lover, the Fried Mushrooms or Pickles are just as good!

Summit Restaurant serves Breakfast all-day from open to close! The biscuits are fresh-baked and are served fresh out of the oven. There's nothing better than a warm buttery biscuit straight from the oven! Other breakfast options include 3-egg Omelettes, Avocado Toast (The only place you can get Avocado Toast in Branson -- to our knowledge), and Steak and Eggs. Accompany your breakfast with a Mimosa or a Loaded Bloody Mary. Summit Restaurant is a great place to start your day or hit-the-spot with breakfast for dinner!

The atmosphere is something constantly evolving and changing with each season. Summit Restaurant is a slower place than some of your other restaurant options in Branson, but it is well worth the wait. Reservations are not required, but this is still a small locally owned restaurant and we'd suggest reservations to ensure you get in. Summit Restaurant is open all year and does fantastic Holiday Events (i.e. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, etc). Overall, this is a restaurant that needs to be on your agenda during your next visit to Branson.


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