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New Sports Bar set to open in Downtown Branson for the 'Big Game'

Historic Downtown Branson is filled with some of Branson's most iconic restaurants and stores such as Dick's 5 & 10, the Branson Cafe, Clockers, and the Farmhouse Restaurant. The last year has seen a lot of new businesses open up and bring new life to some of the downtown buildings. Downtown Branson is the new home to a Nightclub, Boba Tea shop, Summit Restaurant, and now Limit Sports Bar.

Overlooking the Branson Landing, Limit Sports Bar is located on the north end of Commercial St. with plenty of street and lot parking. This new sports bar featurings huge windows overlooking the Landing, the Hilton Tower, and Historic Downtown Branson in between. Limit Sports Bar is set to host a grand opening party with a big bang. The promotion? Win Free Wings for a Year! This event also boasts a 20ft screen in the 'game day theater'. You can sit back in couches, booths, or jumping in anticpation in the blacked-out room with 12,000 watts of sound power. Some might argue its better than being at the stadium. Ok, so no one in their right mind would argue that, but its quite possibly the most impressive way to watch the game in our region!

Limit Sports Bar will be open for Lunch, Dinner, & Late Night bites starting mid-February. You can catch your favorite games, play pool (which is free, I might add), or jam out to some 80's Rock.


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