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Summit Restaurant

Shadows in the Forest

Full Service Restaurant featuring Full Menu all day, food cooked to order, and fresh ingredients. Owned by two College of the Ozark Graduates.

A Not-So-Average Restaurant

Thurs: 10AM - 6PM 
Fri: 10AM - 8PM
Sat: 10AM - 8PM
Sun: 10AM - 2PM

We seat our last table 1-hour before close

Nestled amidst the ancient, towering trees of the dark forest, a solitary restaurant, its windows adorned with flickering candlelight, beckoned weary travelers with the promise of respite from the eerie silence of the woods, where the whispering leaves and distant hoots of owls masked the secrets it held within. (Don't worry, we are still family friendly - nothing scary, just a fun dimly lit atmosphere)



Gluten Free

(& Other Dietary Restrictions)



Events & Private Parties

Summit Restaurant is the perfect venue for your event whether you want the whole place to yourself or just a table ready for you when you arrive. As a small-locally owned a business, we can cater the facility to the needs of your event. From birthday parties, wedding parties, family gatherings, and corporate events, we can host any group between all our venues (600+ people). 

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